Monday, 19 July 2010

wonderful wonderful news

on saturday morning when I woke up, I was suprised to discover that Coco my hedgehog had given birth to 3 baby hoglets!!
unfortunately one was still born but the two she has seem to be doing well, definately squeeking alot
you are not allowed to disturb mumma & baby for 2 weeks so hopefully she will do well & in 2 weeks you will see the pictures
here are some cute piccies of little baby hoglets

if you are interested in buying message me as i will be selling the babies
so so cute


  1. They are the cutest things ever!! Is it hard to look after hedgehogs? x

  2. hey :)
    no no not really, they have to live in guinea pig cages, they have a wheel to run round on & are litter trained. also they just eat cat food.