Thursday, 1 July 2010

anyone else reliving the 90s?

remember LEON? Natalie Portman & that choker she seemed to sleep in
I think I spent alot of the year 2000 dressed in pretty much this exact outfit, minus the hair .. i was still in love with my long blonde locks

you heard me correctly though, CHOKERS are back with avengeance
with designers such as Louis Vuitton & Celine reviving this trend in a more glamorous, less gothic kind of way it has really taken the fashion world by storm, once again.

They are actually really beautiful pieces & I am definately putting the Louis Vuitton choker on my wish but could never afford list...
Now I am a huge lover of every kind of jewellery!
Not sure how I feel about the revival of this trend though, I thought it was definately dead & buried.
I guess everything that goes around really does come back around.

Will you be breaking out the choker this season??


  1. fuck yeah I wore one the other day. I really think they're the key accessory to make any outfit look 90s. i have a black one with a silver peace sign in the middle and it goes perfectly to create a 90s denim look.
    how would you wear them?

  2. amazing!!!! i wish i had a mega 90s outfit in need of a choker

    bring back a denim shirt tucked into denim shorts!!!
    i used to wear it with a skin tight purple velvet dress!! ha... i was definately between 8-10 though.