Wednesday, 30 June 2010


prefer these three designs if i am honest

please give opinions
greatly appreciated

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

tshirt ideas

i want to set up a clothing company over the summer for some extra cash!!

tell me an honest opinion of these tshirt designs please
i want to make like longer dresses aswell, and vests / crop tops

at the moment they are based around the CC chanel logo because i draw it all over old tshirts anyway
honest opinions would be great

also is there some sort of copyright? im not sure but opinions on that would also be amazing

if people likey, i might do it :) and you could get your hands on a limited edition tshirt



i hate the rain

but i do love rainy day pictures


true romance

(American actor, filmmaker and artist: born May 17, 1936 – died May 29, 2010)

watched it for the first time ever the other day & can honestly say its one of the best films i have ever laid eyes on


Monday, 28 June 2010

Follow my blog with bloglovin


Gosh thankyou all so much, went up to 36 followers in 24 hours :) I couldn't be happier.
My weekend was good actually really good, minus having to work in Sainsburys for 12 hours, the other 36 were fabulously relaxing & warm...
I rescued a baby seagull last week, it had fallen off of a roof onto the floor & was just fox lunch waiting to happen so we brought him home & now he lives in a rabbit run in our garden.
He's doing really really well, I will post photos of him later, we have called him Henry.
My mum rang me to say this morning she has discovered 3 more babies so my house will be mad when I return home tonight.
6 dogs, 1 cat, 2 tortoises, 2 chickens, fishies & now 4 baby seagulls also living in the garden.
Anyway, as a small thankyou here are some beautiful photos for you to ponder through

I really really want this hair!!! As soon as mine is long enough its going baby pink....

4 days now until Hop Farm festival where I will be sitting under the stars singing to the fabulous Bob Dylan ....
& we have ordered a big teepee!!! super excited.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


check out this new look & hype me

saturday morning

in bed, ben & si si are fast asleep...

so this is how i am spending my time, flicking through
there is a car boot sale on today quite close to me & I really want to go but I cant be bothered to get up or try & wake ben up, story of my life really.
i have work this afternoon as well which is literally the worst thing i can think of doing right now ....
handed my notice in last saturday so only 3 more weeks to go!!!! :)

anyway, enjoy your weekends


Thursday, 24 June 2010


still quite a petty little number compared to most bloggers but thank you all for following :)

please check out my ebay for some lovely buys :

its been a really lovely week actually so far, minus spending yesterday in A&E with the boyfriend which kinda sucked seeing as the football was on. Luckily he isn't too injured, only 10 days in a cast.
Hopefully off to the beach today to get some sun in

As its so sunny heres some beautifully sunny images for you all to ponder through

1. pretty yellow umbrella
2. mojitooooo

3. i collect baby seagulls for summer
4. helterskelterrr
5. lovely hair for summer time
6. night time parties
7. road trips
8. festivals & fancy dress

hope you all have lovely days :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


at tiffanys

i wish my breakfast looked like this every day



inspiration for today

I have gone crazy on ebay recently so please do take a look at everything I am selling

while you wait for it to load check out these beautiful images

all sourced from "weheartit"

i am painting my nails like this this afternoon.... way too much time on my hands.
more zoo piccies :)

one of these marmosets went on to pee right at me!! luckily it just missed me.....

so so sweet

wingham wildlife park just outside of Canterbury! i would reccomend it to everybody



bought this yesterday
so so excited for hop farm festival


Saturday, 19 June 2010

a day at the zoo

my lovely boyfriend took me wingham wildlife park on thursday
it was quite hands on which was what I have always loved about that place, there was baby animals everywhere & you can feed & pet most of the animals there too. They have amazing walk through sections with ring tail lemurs & prairie dogs too. There's a lovely tropical house with butterflies, exotic birds & bats.
Here are a few pictures from the delightful day

Will post more later on
mating butterflies

the deer & baby goats got a little over excited when i fed them & started going through my bag
pretty little praire dog nibbling on a piece of stale bread I fed to him
so so cute