Tuesday, 29 June 2010

tshirt ideas

i want to set up a clothing company over the summer for some extra cash!!

tell me an honest opinion of these tshirt designs please
i want to make like longer dresses aswell, and vests / crop tops

at the moment they are based around the CC chanel logo because i draw it all over old tshirts anyway
honest opinions would be great

also is there some sort of copyright? im not sure but opinions on that would also be amazing

if people likey, i might do it :) and you could get your hands on a limited edition tshirt



  1. i think that their all great.

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  3. i had someone ask me to design my own ideas?

    but i am not a designer, and wouldn't really be able to come up with anything good enough to put on a t shirt
    besides it is all based around the CC logo .... which i LOVE

    anyways, i source the images from the net, same as another clothing company i have been looking at which does a very similiar thing
    i have a few more design ideas, no they are not 100% made up by me but thats not what i am going for
    thanks for your opinion though its greatly appreciated