Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunday boot fairs

Yesterday me & the boyfriend went to some amazing boot sales round Kent. Unfortunately thrifting isnt as big here as it is in America & there are fewer places to buy gorgeous vintage clothes, so I am going to be setting up an online vintage store outside of my ebay to sell vintage clothing, homeware & accesories.

I do have 2 ebay stores already set up where I do sell some vintage clothing so feel free to rummage


I got talking to a lovely lady who runs a vintage stall in Hammersmith & she has asked me to go round to her house & buy all of her vintage clothing as she doesn't want to sell it any more which is absolutely amazing & such a way to kick start my new business, I will very soon have bulks & bulks of vintage clothes.
so so stoked about that

Overall I spent £8.50 & I bought 2 pairs of vintage shoes, a jumper dress, a gorgeous mac, a skirt suit ( soo 70's ) 2 dresses, a cardigan & a tapestry bag

anybody else find anything amazing this weekend??


  1. How do I find your stores on ebay? I searched both of them and came up empty :(

  2. if you look on community ... then search the names there not just in the search box

    i go by the name lovebuzzxo aswell at the moment

    let me know how you get on