Thursday, 11 March 2010

it has been so so long since I posted here, feel quite guilty actually but it has been a overload of stress & work from December until now. Uni applications & puppies to say the least.
Alot has happened between then & now

Lee Mcqueen passing away is the first thing that comes to mind, devastating to think that Britain has lost its greatest & most innovative designer. They will be extremely big boots to fill.
Does anyone know the date for his public memorial yet?

I can proudly say my dog has had a beautiful baby boy, he is 12 days old today & here he is
napolean i am naming him for now

Also I got into my first choice university 3 weeks ago, Middlesex to study fashion design, styling & promotion.

& I purchased the prettiest pair of shoes I have ever seen. Ashish @ Topshop.

As I am now starting my FMP at uni, I decided to start up my blog & keep a note of all the beautiful things that inspire me & my work.
I have been looking at other blogs such as weheartit, thedaintysquid & dottieangel, i get alot of my images from there.

heres a few things to keep you inspired on this rainy thursday

I must learn to embroider more pretty things.

Jessie Chorley is a beautiful book artist. I must make my sketchbooks this delicate.
jessie chorley

Must decorate my bedroom in crochet blankets.

Must collect an antire 60s wardrobe & do my make up like this more often.


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